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Clash of Clans TH7 General Overview Strategy Guide

Clash of Clans TH7 General Overview Strategy Guide covers my advice, tips and recommendations for Clash of Clans players who just upgraded to Town Hall 7. This guide covers what’s different from being a TH6 and what makes TH7 fun and exciting and how to prepare yourself to go to TH8. This guide focuses on Clash of Clans Clan Wars but you can also use these tips to trophy push.

I cover the upgrade priorities, but you should also be sure to check out my TH8 upgrade guide at…

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  1. GodMode says:

    Can I join ur clan?

  2. how do you get a lot of elixir?

  3. Games Spy says:

    nowadays lvl 1 hog rider can survive a lvl GB LoL

  4. love your voice….. 😀

  5. i cant thank you enough clash tutor, you have been an awesome help towards my clash of clans knowledge, i have been on th7 for a very long time, and the 'hogan' attack is sooo OP I've taken sooo many th8s with it, its unbelievable, thank you so much and keep up the amazing content👌👍👊

  6. hey guys which is the best th7 atk in war ma total capacity is 180

  7. Thank you soo much this is helpfulness in TH7..

  8. This video was really helpful, thx donates hogs

  9. I'm actually watching this in 2016 and I think this advice was good except for the town hall outside your base its 2016 people!

  10. Needles 88 says:

    Lady Tutour, enjoy your videos very much, especially how you explain the the progression skills and techniques that are needed to fully enjoy the coc experience, i am a TH 7, one account and with your assistance hope to be able to get to TH 11 😅

  11. GenXGamers says:

    im lost upgrading my TH7 haha , and im about to do a clan war full of TH8 :'(

  12. Hey , I watched ur video last week , I loved it a lot . I think u can also upload some video regarding farming attacks .ALL THE BEST👍

  13. Heather can u show anew Hogon attack for new updated th7with three airdefense

  14. Leg end says:

    Just failed a vital war attack at th 7. This video made me feel way better😊

  15. TekTrek says:

    wtf im gold lll and he is silver lll don't trust this guy

  16. join my clan name: LEGEND FIGHTERS

  17. u dont need a double giant bomb. lvl 2 hogs dont survive a lvl 2 giant bomb

  18. Is there math to back up the claim that pumps and mines should be 3rd priority? I feel like they should be last… They are so slow.

  19. It Would Be Nice To Have Some Cool Defense Bases In Comparison o These Cool attacks. All And All Thanks You Have Been A Really Great Help And Tutor. I Was Getting Real Bored Of Mass Dragon Attacks. You Have Introduced New Strategies To Learn And Master.

  20. Yeah you can't put your Town hall on the outside because of the knew Update.. #RIP-Town-Hall-Snips

  21. metamurph says:

    as my OrangeOtter player goes to TH7 in a few minutes this was good reminder plus the portion on not just directing my clanmates to spam drags. Have a lot of audit work to do but star wise the first official kingdom war going well.

  22. Hey, fresh TH7 here. Am I supposed to place down all my new buildings? Right now I have my spell factory upgrading, research lab upgrading, and army camp building.

  23. lol wont be able to get a shield from townhall after this new update

  24. Heather I Really Like Ur Guides And Ill Be Looking Foward To Joining Ur Clan Plz ,My Name IS IceCold Knight,And Ill Request Soon

  25. luis pinto says:

    8:10 what's the song called and nice vid

  26. kya colon says:

    but wat if u jus started th7?

    plez answer

  27. Thanks a lot. 2 weeks into TH7 and well, it was quite panicking till now. Searched a lot and could not find any video other than 3 Lightning and Mass attack. And then i find this video. Thanks a ton Heather :))

  28. very helpful strategy……..love it

  29. I do the same thing with mines and collectors

  30. hi heather im a th7 pliz make another guide for th7 war strategies

  31. Himanish A says:

    Hey can anyone help me…the bases in our current clan war are having air defenses all separated and I need to 3 star a Th8..I too am a Th8 so what strategy should I use.I have already used one of my attacks which got 0 stars using BBQ drags.

  32. metamurph says:

    This is another great video Heather. My mini is getting close to Max TH6 and while I have done this before, lots of great trips. Our little clan has a number of TH7s that all are chomping at the bit as maxed 7s ready for th8 and I am like make sure you can x, y, z,….so I just posted bitly to this in bindle and hope they take a look. One thing I have found even at th6 (beyond the fact it is frustrating) is it does make me think really hard about how I can actually 3star or have best chance not to zero star it seems more frequently via composition and thinking through opening, main attack, cleanup in the same way I do for TH8. You just don't have lots of great options.

  33. im maxed th7 except walls and i'm wondering should i upgrade to th8 with half lvl7 walls?

  34. Duber says:

    Thanks For the videos, very helpful! quick question: Some buddies and I (~6) need a new th7+ war clan and I was wondering if you had any youd recommend? We're all serious clashers who can 3* and want an active war clan. thanks!

  35. Plz help me I need a war clan I am a th7

  36. Are there any war winning clans for th7 which r not crazy

  37. My clan is crazy u can only use dragons in war or get kicked

  38. ItsCocoa says:

    Heather I'm having trouble on the bindle chat room, every time I try to post a picture of a base for some recommendations on attacking it it exits me out of the app.😡

  39. Sarah S says:

    Thankyou so much for these th7 vids. Th7 is often overlooked as just a pre th8 drag spamming level. I love this approach where u can start learning to scout bases and really think about choosing an appropriate army.

  40. wait what clan r u in mainly?

  41. meh. my leadership tactic is encourage the drag raids so they have something for th8. Then teach them funneling with drags at th8 before getting them into hogs for th8/9 (all th8s in war in my clan have lvl3+ hogs so we do encourage them)

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