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Clash of Clans – Clan Wars is Finally HERE!

Yes, Clan Wars is finally here!
Note: On the iPad is actually playing a video filmed at Supercell HQ, not the actual updated game yet. The update will come soon 😀

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  1. This guy can't talk english

  2. Sir Mus says:

    SpliterKings® with blue flag join the clan, stay 48h i will promote you to co leader 🙂 new clan join here 🙂

  3. a lot of people waiting COC on mac

  4. If you attack the same base 2 times does the money add up or what?

  5. My clan keeps saying your clan is not eligible for clan wars but I have 10 people what do I need to do

  6. Ow many players u need to make clan wars

  7. Lavar Ball says:

    How do you become eligible for the war

  8. Hey guys check my channel and look at the vid

  9. Ed D says:

    When can I start clan war?

  10. It won't let me do anything. I always try to fight but it says I'm a spectator. Why?

  11. Join my clan were The Fallen Ones

  12. ZoNeS FaMe says:

    Join the clan Iamronaldo need members

  13. Gamer John says:

    GO HERE coc.startcheat.com
    It worked for me, I got 99999 now. 


  15. Please check out my last clash of clans video you've seen a golem winning a raid but i have 1 wallbreaker with virtually no health winning the raid simon and anyone who reads this please check it out

  16. how is the players chosen who will fight in the clan war?

  17. Freddy N 5 says:

    try this:
    i just added 999999 gems from here

  18. 0:57 sounds like the terminator

  19. no one get finish without Hack…. Right?

  20. anrewsin says:

    dude, you got fat as hell

  21. Join my clan 900 trophies and up. Never lose crew

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